Call for Papers

Call for Papers


The main topics to be addressed include (but are not limited to): 

  • Network Resilience by Multi-Homing
  • Network Architectures for Multi-Homed Systems
  • Performance Evaluation of Multi-Homed Systems
  • Deployment of Multi-Homed Protocols in Existing Networks with Middleboxes
  • Design and Implementation of Multi-Homed Systems
  • Load Sharing and Load Balancing for Multi-Homed Systems
  • Mobility for Multi-Homed Systems
  • Protocols with Multi-Homing Support
  • Congestion and Flow Control of Multi-Homed Systems
  • Quality of Service for Multi-Homed Systems
  • Security of Multi-Homed Systems
  • Application Deployment and Support for Legacy Applications
  • Cross-Layer Optimization for Multi-Homed Systems
  • Multi-Homing in the Context of Future Internets 


Workshops proceedings will be published by IEEE CS Conference Publishing Service and will be included in the Digital Library.

Download of Call for Papers

The Call for Papers PDF can be found here!